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About me

My name is Theo and I am from The Netherlands where I studied Social Work for one year. After this I continued my studies at Leiden University where I studied Psychology for three years and obtained the Degree Bachelor of Science. After this I moved to Finland, where I studied Sport and Exercise Promotion (specializing in Sport Psychology) for two years and received my Degree in Master of Sport Sciences. During my studies in Finland I became an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and at the same time conducted a research for my Master’s Thesis. This research was about what factors influence weight change and how individuals cope with it. After my studies in Finland I moved to Estonia and received my certificate in nutrition theory.

I believe that we underestimate the power of good nutrition and physical activity. We
tend to make things too complicated, which makes things even more complicated. Often
it is the small things that can make the biggest difference!

I started this company because I want to help people to live a healthier and better
life. I have been interested in nutrition, physical activity and health for a long time
and I have also had the necessary education. From personal experience I know how it
sometimes seems like that there is no possibility whatsoever to deal with stress or to
lose weight but the devil is in the details. My aim is to teach people how to reach their
goal and overcome obstacles.

How I work

First session

The first session involves around getting to know you. We will talk about what you would like to accomplish and I will ask you about your current way of living. At the end of the session I will give you some homework so that you can start working on your goal right away.

Other sessions

During the other sessions we will evaluate your homework and keep track on your progress and potential road blocks that stop you from reaching your goal.


Intake session
To get started
  • The purpose of the intake session is about getting to know you, your current way of living and what you would like to accomplish.
Follow-up session
To keep on going
  • The purpose of the other sessions is to keep track on your progress and discuss potential roadblocks.


Weight loss

Being overweight or obese can lead to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and other health problems. It is necessary to lose weight if you are overweight/obese or if you are heading that way. Strategies include goal-setting, changing physical activity habits and changing nutritional habits.

Changes in nutrition and lifestyle

You might feel the need to change your nutritional habits or your lifestyle for personal reasons. Sometimes we feel that we want to eat healthier and change our lifestyle, but we don't know where to start. Together we will look at what you would like to change and set out a plan so that you can achieve your goal.

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